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About Us

What We Do

We are a beauty education company known as BEAUTY WERKZ, a subsidiary of Dave Ray Enterprises. We travel across the US facilitating classes at trade shows, workshops, seminars, summits, and symposia. We endeavour to raise the bar of aspiring stylists and beauty professionals in various fields of specialty in order to harness their skillsets while creating greater yield on their investments. The first step is reaching out to us so that we can change your future. There is no opportune time like today. We are here to guide you along your journey.

PHENOMENON 2022 NYC is the Beauty BizNiz Educational Symposium for salon owners, beauty professionals, and consumers of beauty & Fashion across America. This 2-day interactive symposium & trade show experience was created to BUILD BRIDGES-IN-BEAUTY thru EDUCATION by harnessing the skillset of the professional while creating an outlet for the ambitious consumers who are desirous of sharing and discovering unique gifts from their peers. Our crème de la crème educators are excited to facilitate, motivate and educate with new techniques and concepts to advance your career path in the future.


The 2-day interactive beauty Bizniz symposium is filled with a variety of edu-tainment to quench the thirst of all who attend. PHENOMENON 2022 NYC is dedicated to making sure that all the professionals, entrepreneurs, and consumers from across the USA leave this event satisfied. Attendees will travel to the LGA Marriott to learn new techniques and trends from industry icons, refine hands-on skills, and stock up on salon and professional needs.

Access to PHENOMENON 2022 NYC includes educational classes, networking opportunities Coaching Sessions, and tickets to Fantasy Presentations and Cut Party Events Broadway Play VIP Lunch on both days. See you there! Bring someone with you.

Our Team

Dr. Dave Ray


Niki Smith

Business Guru
Chicago, IL

Adrian Tabb

Pixie Precision - Wig Making

Muffen Moses

Elegant Styling
Boston, MA & Los Angeles, CA

Jamaal Umar Rahman

Men's Grooming

Nicole Ferguson

Do's & Dont's Of Shaping Lace Units
Atlanta, GA

Alisa Stilley

Hair Lightening
Brooklyn, NY

Micheline Barber

Shattered Shaping
Tampa, FL

Charla Saloane

Natural Haircare
Indianapolis, IN

Kevin Kirk

Color & Clipper Cutting
Birmingham, AL

Tess Tims

Digital Marketing & Vision Boarding
Houston, TX

Ericka Cherrie

Celebrity Influencer

Freddie J. Jones

The Queen of Precision Cutting
Dallas, TX

Rob Willis

Master Colorist
Detroit, MI

Kimberly Lee

Product Knowledge
Augusta & Atlanta, GA

Sherita Cherry

Social Media Marketing

Prof Samuel Anthony

CPA & Tax Expert
New York

Chloe Robinson

Hair Science
North Carolina

Kimbe Abernathy

Business Coach
San Francisco, CA

Sam Blue McCrea IV

Success by Retailing
 Louisiana & California

Bianca Lyder

Hair Loss: Trichotillomania
New York City

Malaika Cooper

Loc Goddess
Baltimore, MD

Corey Paul Durham

Color & Cut Duo
Winston-Salem, NC

Kay Simpson

Color & Cut Duo
Houston, TX

Ivory Mims

Beauty Industry Tax Accountant

Kansas City, Missouri

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