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Salon Business Guru - Niki Smith of Chicago

Monday, July 11 @ 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Cost: $495.00

Zelle 347-934-8494

Cashapp: $DaveRay

Are you using all your personal resources to build your business? Have you tapped out and/or destroy your personal credit trying to build your business? Well.. NO MORE! It’s time to learn how to give your business its own identity SEPARATE from you.

Topics discussed are….

1.  Setting up, changing, or dissolving your legal structure

2.  Changing your SIC classification

3. Business licensing requirements

4. Business visibility

5. Setting up your business bank account properly

6. Setting up other accounts for money transferring

7. Getting your duns #

8. Registering with ALL the business credit bureaus

9. Applying for Net 30/45/60 business accounts

10. What revolving credit cards you should apply for

11. What documents you should always have

12. What should your tax documents look like

13. The 6 different types of business loans

14. Business credit monitoring

15. Income requirements for certain loans

16. How to put yourself on payroll

17. Do it yourself accounting platforms

18. How to create a personal and business budget

19. How to save 10-20k in a year on any income

20. How to invest your profits

21. How to do a cash flow projection

22. How to do a balance sheet

23. How to buy real estate in your business name

24. How to avoid overpaying taxes

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